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Since 2006, the “Escuela Nacional de Ciencias Biológicas” [Escuela Nacional de Ciencias Biológicas. Atención Primaria ] is working on the issue of the implementation of the generic activities of each day in a school curriculum. The interaction between these actors is strongly determined by the conditions of the school, the administration, and the values of the participants. As discussed in part one, the implementation of educational technologies in the schools is a complex process that often requires a cross-disciplinary approach from teachers, parents, families, and the school administration. The project took place in a traditional environment, but it was designed to include other systems in the curriculum. The aim of the project was to implement new generic activities in the daily school curriculum, thus extending the time dedicated to generic and student-centered learning. In this second part, you will find a discussion of how to develop specific activities on the basis of the results of the analyses of the discourse of the subjects and by having interaction with stakeholders in each case study. It is known that there is a series of activities that occur in the classroom, such as writing assignments, but usually they do not have a systematic pedagogical purpose. Therefore, the objective was to plan and implement activities for each day of the week based on the analysis of their discourse, as well as discussions with the respective students and teachers and getting the cooperation of the parents. The main aim of this chapter is to give an example of how to apply a research project in practice, as was done in the case studies. Several activities of the school environment were selected, and a decision was made by the teachers as to which activity was to be included in the school’s daily curriculum and which would be related to the theme of the day. The activities chosen were based on the dialogue with teachers, student and parents. In order to complete the chapter, we have addressed some relevant issues, such as how to plan a research project in practical situations, the role of stakeholders and the importance of creating an environment of trust, sharing knowledge and improving the school. The implementation of these activities began in the second semester of the school year. In order to test the new curriculum, the teacher evaluated each of the activities through feedback from both students and teachers. This evaluation was achieved by means of a questionnaire given to the students and the teacher at the end of the activities. The following are




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LibroDeEdwinGalindoMatematicasSuperioresPdf adahai

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